Build and entertain strong relationships

Nat is a personal relationship manager that does the work humans are not good at so you can focus on what really matters

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Meet Nat - Your Personal Relationship Manager Chatbot

Through a set of powerful features, Nat allows you to scale your network to a whole new level

Feature 01


Quick and Easy. Take notes about your contacts that you will never forget.

Feature 02


Nat will automatically set reminders for you to send messages to your contacts based on your "relationship goal."

Feature 03

Artificial Intelligence

Nat analyses your contacts on a daily basis and send you tips and ideas to improve your relationships.

Feature 04


Nat will generate a "relationship score" for every contact allowing you to understand your network better.

A Powerful Automation Tool

Through a regular analysis of your contacts, Nat will send you tips on a daily basis to add value to your network.

It will also automatically set reminders for your contacts making the onboarding process smooth and quick.

Relationships Come first

Scaling relationships doesn't mean "fake" relationships. Nat is purpose-built to do the work humans are bad at. Leaving you all the good stuff.

He set's reminders, you reach out. He advices you on how to improve your contact book, you follow the advices.. or not.

Gather Deep Insights About Your Network

Using a live relationship score for every contact, you'll be contantly able to understand and act upon the data Nat builds for you.

Through more deep analytics, you'll also be able to see and assess the positive impact you are having on your network.


The chatbot surprised me at first but I must say that I was positively surprised! Nat is like a personal assistant!

Love how this app helps me keep in touch with my ever-growing network! I'm now over 100 relationships and am still able to keep everything in the green!!

I did a lot of research to find a tool like Nat and that's it! No need to search any further! Easy to set up and efficient!

I tried nearly every PRM before Nat and the reason I stayed with Nat is the stats & analytics! I finally know where I'm at with my network!

Would be great if Nat could sync my Gmail and Linkedin but even without this, it's still able to add tremendous value to my life!

The time of the spreadsheets is over! Nat solves 20 problems in once! Reminders, tags, analytics!


  • Unlimited Insights
  • Unlimited Reminders
  • Unlimited Tags
  • Up to 9 contacts
  • Unlimited Insights
  • Unlimited Reminders
  • Unlimited Tags
  • Unlimited Contacts


  • What makes this Personal Relationship Manager better from the competition?

    It's not about what, it's how. The chatbot approach alllows much more flexibility and personalisation. Everyone of our users will tell you a different story about Nat. The chatbot is also much more cleear and directive than other PRMs - it tells you exactly what you need to do.

  • How is my data used? Can I export it?

    Your data is yours. We will never shared your contact book with anyone outside of the company and you can export all of your data at any given time

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